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The Body is not something to be Ashamed of…

Written by Luke Benoit

Luke Benoit is a certified life coach and certified personal trainer with over 30 years experience helping men just like you transform in all areas of their lives.

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Our bodies are not dirty or shameful but often we make them dirty or shameful because of our attitudes. ?And often these toxic attitudes can be major blocks that hold us back from creating the Muscle and Bodies we want. ?A lot of this happens because many of us carry old negative messages about our bodies. About our bodies being dirty. About sex being wrong. Or our bodies not being good enough because we’re too fat or too skinny. Even when we’ve already changed our bodies we can still see them in those old ways not really seeing what’s there in the mirror but seeing old lies instead.

We need to let all these old messages go so that we can be free to embrace ourselves and our bodies as they truly are. We are miraculous machines that function in magical and mysterious ways. And the more we can learn to embrace them, the more they will grow and become more and more healthy for us.

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in objectifying our bodies and we can forget that above all else they are containers for our minds and spirits and while it’s awesome to celebrate our bodies, we need to honor them for there is even more inside than could ever be seen by the naked eye (no pun intended).

Today, I will remember to honor my body but also honor what’s as well. ?I will not cheapen it by taking it for granted ? And I will not let anyone else’s negative attitudes stop me from appreciating how wonderful and honorable it is either or hold me back in my progress in getting the Big Muscle Body I want!


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