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How can you coach me without being in the gym with me?

Because I’ve done it with multiple guys in the past and I know it works (and so do they). Do you have to have the motivation and consistency to pull it off? Yes – AND part of what we’ll do together is work on building your abilities in both of those areas.

Plus, if you really want to work together in person, I would love to do that and have a package for that on my Programs page.

Isn’t all of this information available online?

Sure you can piece together a workout plan, figure out how to create the right meal plan, and find a lot of mindset tools online. But without the skills and experience I bring to synthesize it into daily habits you won’t get the results. Same thing if you leave out some of the key tools I bring to the process that you wouldn’t even think to add.

Why does it cost so much?

Have you checked out what high-quality personal trainers charge each for session? You might be surprised.

Also, the Muscle Life Plan is more than personal training, it’s a lifelong transformation of your body and your mindset. What would you pay to change your life forever in 90 days? What is it really costing you to stay unhappy and unfulfilled? If you still have questions, let’s talk — just schedule some time with me here.

My situation is different; I’m not in southern California like you are.

If you have access to gym equipment (at home, at school, at a gym), a phone for selfies, and can commit to the plan, that’s all it takes. You can do this anywhere – even on the road while traveling. I used to travel all over the US for my work training other coaches and still was able to get huge results.

We can talk about your specific situation in a free consultation call: click here to set up a time.


How do I know I can trust you to get me to my goals?

I’ve been in your skin and I’ve lived it myself. I’ve devoted my life to helping other men just like you to achieve their desires and I’ve been very successful. You really need to know that you can trust YOURSELF to follow through and get the results – AND that self-reliance is part of what we can work on together.




There's a wealth of information out there, and it can be hard to make sense of it. Luke helped me navigate this universe, and he shared a lot of advice that was grounded in his research and experience. The fog of confusion was lifted!

Andrew Clifford

Through the process i was able to get the tools and the motivation to give me that extra push i needed in the gym, life, and work. I worked past the negatives that were blocking me from my goals and I am still moving forward and continuing to get stronger and clearer.

Edwardo Antonio


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