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Luke Benoit is an ICF certified Life Coach and certified Personal Trainer with over 30 years experience helping men just like you transform in all areas of their lives.
     I decided to start changing my body when I was 35.  I had done some weightlifting here and there when I was younger but nothing ever seemed to really take.  I had always wanted to be big but I just couldn’t seem to make it happen.
     But when I was 35 and living in Long Beach, I joined the Gold’s Gym that was there downtown and got a half-ass serious trainer who used to be a minor porn star and I really got started.  I was anxious and scared because the place had a heavy gay vibe and the place seemed filled with gigantic muscle guys that I’d never be able to compete with.
     But it was a start.  I learned how to do the exercises and the basics.  I leaned how to use the machines.  I started taking protein powder and paying attention to my diet.
     At the same time, the GP I was seeing put me on TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) because I had all the symptoms of Low-T (low energy, depression, lethargy, sexual issues, trouble sleeping and low libido).  And that really made a huge change.
     For me the journey has always been one of levels of commitment.  About 19 years ago, I moved with my husband to Orange CA where we met an awesome trainer named Ted who brought things to a whole other level.  Ted had been competing in bodybuilding competitions at the age of 68.  He was amazing and he knew how to do it all.
     My husband and I became serious workout partners and added a third with another one of Ted’s trainees and we started on a 6 day a week 1 body part a day routine that has been the foundation of our program.
     And then, with time, I got big.  And I really wasn’t aware of it while it was happening or even after it had happened.  I really had a bad case of body dysmorphia which is still really hard for me to believe.  But when I look at the pictures now I realize.  And I say to myself why didn’t I realize how big I’d actually gotten.  And while it was happening when I was big and in such great shape why hadn’t I been able to appreciate it.  I could just kick myself now when I see those old big pictures and I wish I had had the ability see it, and appreciate it and believe it.
     Steroids were also a big part of my story. I learned that steroids worked. And they worked great.  But at least for me they came with a price.
     One night in May of 2019, I woke up at 3:30am and I couldn’t breathe.  I was breathing rapidly and I couldn’t catch my.  Because I had never had any experience with anything like this. I looked at the clock and realized no urgent cares were open, but I decided it couldn’t be that serious and I would just hang on till 9 o’clock when they would open.
     When it got to be nine, I dragged myself out of the bed and got in the car and went to an urgent care near our house. They measured my pulse and immediately told me that they could not help me there that I needed to be in the hospital they told me I needed to call an ambulance immediately so they could come get me and they would do that for me. Naturally, I nodded. Laughed, got in my car and drove to the hospital myself.
     When I got there, they got me in pretty expeditiously. It is true that if you are a heart patient, you go straight to the head of the line at the ER.  They hooked me up pretty quickly. A lot of monitors a lot of tests. My husband showed up, not a lover of hospital environments. And the ER doctor almost immediately told ur that the cause of my condition which was Congestive Heart Failure and was in his opinion directly caused by my steroid use.
     Fuck me.
     It really wasn’t so bad at first afterward. I connected in the hospital with the cardiologist that I really liked. He knew what he was doing. They drained all the extra fluid out of my heart with diuretics. And they put me on heart medications to strengthen my heart.
     I was basically still going to the gym and doing my regular workout every day. I did notice that sometimes I got very winded, and I had to sit down and catch my breath for about five minutes but then I could get up and go and be just fine. In the course of treatment, they took a camera and stuck it down my throat so they could see all aspects of my heart and how it was doing. It was then that they discovered that I had a burst defective, aortic heart valve. Apparently, it had been with me this way my entire life I had never known it, and it had never acted up. Was of great concern.
     But I still didn’t really change my life. I was in the gym six days a week still. I was doing my same workout, adding some rest periods in there and lifting less heavy than I was trying to lift before at Max. And then I was set up to get a pacemaker/defibrillator. This did not thrill me in fact, none of the surgical procedures thrill me because they shave your entire body till you look like a goofy little baby New Year and not very sexy edit takes a very long time for it all to grow back. And I had to go in for the test with the camera, and then I had to go in for the pacemaker/defibrillator, which actually wasn’t such a big deal except that it now sits on my chest on the left-hand side like a little lump protruding from my pack, and that definitely does not make me happy but I will tell you I have gotten over it.
     Then it was decided that I really had to do something about that defective valve and that might be causing a really big problem that nobody was understanding so whatever. We did it and it actually turned out to be very miraculous. They did not have to crack my chest. They went through a hole in my groin all the way up through the veins Into my heart where they found the problem valve and they dropped down a tiny little upside-down umbrella-like filter and they opened it up and the blood started flowing. It has been an absolute miracle for me.  The procedure was called a TAVER valve and my life changed overnight. I have been so afraid of the prospect of them cracking open my chest and all the pain that would bring, and all the terrible recuperation that was going to come along with that. And this circumvented everything.  I was still as hairless as a eunuch baby, but the greatest corner has been turned.
     A surgeon who consulted on the case was just absolutely a dick when he came in to see us he looked at my chart and my numbers and then, despite the fact that I was still going to the gym every day six days a week, he turned to me and said Looking at your numbers it’s a miracle that you can’t even walk from the couch to the kitchen. Professionals need to be very aware of the power that their words carry. This guy in my mind still was just a prick. I had other doctors say much much more positive things and have a much more positive outlook than he did, but what he was saying was that my numbers were very low so my Ejection fraction which is the measure of how strong your heart is had dropped all the way down to between 10 and 20. A normal person’s ejection fraction is about 50 I went into the operation with that 10 or 20 and immediately when I came out, my ejection fraction jumped up to 30 which is a huge jump. When I came back for a recheck in a couple of weeks, my number had now jumped to 40. This was just dramatic and wonderful news.
     Aside from being shaved down like a baby eunuch, there were some other downs that I had to deal with through all of this. Obviously, I had to get off every and all steroids, my weight dropped and I lost my appetite. I went from 206 pounds down to 173 pounds and I was not happy about it. I did not look good. And I knew that here I was at this new starting point and that I wasn’t going to be able to use any steroids and I made a decision that I was going to do everything I could train every way as possibly hard as I could to come back to get to the very best possible state that was achievable for me.
     I am very happy to report that since then, my weight has gone back to 206. My workouts are strong. I do not try to lift super heavy weight because it’s just not wise but I know how to make the most of the daily planned program for success.
And now I have a new body one that I’m coming to really appreciate. It makes sense naturally because I am an old man so I have an old man’s body. I have a belly. It drives me crazy but many many people tell me that they find it sexy, I’ve been really focusing on my chest and I can see significant changes there. But most of all I feel good and there was a time not so long ago that feeling again good again seemed out of reach.
     I know I need to work on my self-acceptance and my self-esteem still. I know I will always have to struggle with that body dysmorphia, even when people are appreciating and admiring my body, the way it is something in me will fight against it and put it down. That is such a fond wish for me to overcome and squelch. It’s tough for me to understand the world sees me as sexier and more confident than I see myself sometimes I feel like I’m putting one over on everybody without them realizing it. But I need to understand that that is not the truth. It’s OK to feel good about yourself. It’s OK to feel good about your body whatever stage your ass. It’s OK to feel good about your personality, the things you’ve accomplished, and the things you’ve let go of in this life.
     Don’t get me wrong. It was definitely a scary little fucking adventure to go on, but it turns out very well. I was lucky to have my doctor Dr. Kolslki at Saint Joseph’s. He is not perfect but he really showed me that way and he helped me understand the right decisions and so I am forever. Grateful to him.
     So now I am steroidless.  55 years old and still want to have an awesome muscle body.
     Neat trick huh?
     Sounds impossible right?
     Well, maybe not.
     I have remained dedicated as I always do.  I haven’t even used HGH which was approved because I didn’t want to pay a high price.  I have stayed in the gym 6-7 days a week.  Now adding a few cardio days into my routine.
     I was genuinely surprised at how quickly I bounced back in the gym after the heart valve surgery.  I was out of the gym for 8 days and when I came back IMMEDIATELY I could breathe. I didn’t have to rest between sets anymore.  I didn’t start out lifting heavy again, but I did start to build up and up and I have reached the level I was at when things went wrong.
     Amazingly to me, a man who has always struggled with body dysmorphia I’m seeing my body in the mirror in a whole new way. I appreciate it so much more. I look back on the old pictures, and I realize that when I had all that I had accomplished and all that muscle I didn’t recognize it and I didn’t appreciate it and now maybe because I’ve come back from the “brink of death” I am appreciating it so much more. I look at the recent pictures, and I think I actually feel good. I feel attractive and sexy. I now feel the way I wanted to feel way back when but never could.

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There's a wealth of information out there, and it can be hard to make sense of it. Luke helped me navigate this universe, and he shared a lot of advice that was grounded in his research and experience. The fog of confusion was lifted!

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Through the process i was able to get the tools and the motivation to give me that extra push i needed in the gym, life, and work. I worked past the negatives that were blocking me from my goals and I am still moving forward and continuing to get stronger and clearer.

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