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“I took the Poison and then I waited for you to Die.” — Buddha

Written by Luke Benoit

Luke Benoit is a certified life coach and certified personal trainer with over 30 years experience helping men just like you transform in all areas of their lives.

imageFebruary 13, 2016
A post brought to you by #LetsGetHUGE and
Attributed to the Buddha.

Being able to not care what other people think about you is a skill. A crucial one if you’re going to be able to live in this world with any degree of comfort. But it’s easy to say and hard, sometimes, to do. Harder for some people than others.

One of my favorite tools to build this skill is the small book by Don Miguel Ruiz called THE FOUR AGREEMENTS and specifically the Chapter “DON’T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY.” I often tell people working with this issue to read this chapter at least once a week for two months to really let what it says seep into their brains.

What we’re really talking about here is Boundaries. Specifically the ability to not take on what’s not true about you that’s negative. To be able to let it bounce off you, land on the floor and not pick it up and have feelings about it. They say the definition of being an adult is being able to let you have an idea that’s different from mine — even if it’s a negative idea about me — and not needing to fix it or change your mind. I can let you think whatever you need to think and still be happy and peaceful. Because I know the truth about me and I KNOW WHO I AM.

These are simple words but can be such a tall order. This is one of the things I’ve heard Kevin Crapse, the fearless leader of the #LetsGetHUGE crew and Personal Trainer in San Antonio talking about this week. These are part of our lifelong pursuit of learning to love accept and forgive ourselves absolutely.

Only when I truly learn to approve of and accept myself is my body going to be able to grow to its true capacity.

I believe it was Taylor Swift who said something like “Haters gonna hate.” Or maybe I just made that up. And it was Carly Simon who said “I HAVEN’T GOT TIME FOR THE PAIN.”

Get out of my way! I got places to go.

Much love and in solidarity —
Luke Benoit CC CPH

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