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How comfortable are you really with your own Body?

Written by Luke Benoit

Luke Benoit is a certified life coach and certified personal trainer with over 30 years experience helping men just like you transform in all areas of their lives.

imageWe hear talk about how important it is to Love ourselves all the time. We hear much less talk about how important it is to actually love your body. Can you approve of it right now? Can you stop criticizing and rejecting it. And not just focus only on how it could be or where we could get it to someday. But actually love it as it is now even and accept it’s imperfections.

When I reject my body, I actually inhibit it’s growth potential. When I focus on my flaws I am creating exactly opposite of the energy I need to get my body to grow. The truth is that my body is like a little kid and I constantly tell it, with my mind or even out loud, how terrible it is its potential to grow is going to be break down.

It is true that there is no motivator more powerful than visible results and feeling the changes that start to happen as you get bigger and you gain muscle. But especially before I get there, it’s important that I keep the space and the energy around my body A NEGATIVITY FREE ZONE! Stop whining about how the gains aren’t coming fast enough and appreciate the awesome potential of the raw material you’ve got in front of you.

KNOW and SEE that Vision that you want to get to. It’s Key. But also learn to approve of your body even where it is right now. Release the negative energy and judgments you’re holding against your body. They’re holding you back.

Open up the channels of good energy and watch what happens. See what gains come when you do this!

It may be impossible to love ourselves unless we learn to love our bodies completely. Although we are much more than our bodies, we also ARE our bodies.

A very wise saying goes “THE PAIN IS IN THE RESISTANCE.” And if you had a choice to grow grass with or without Miracle Grow — which one would you choose? Which one would obviously work better? So why should growing the ultimate muscle body you want be any different?

We have the tools to help you change the negative attitudes you’re holding against your body. Even the one’s you think you can’t change. And we can teach those to you. They’re powerful and they work.

The most powerful muscle you have for growing your body is your mind. Ask yourself, how badly do you want it? And how will you feel if you don’t make the changes you want and things just stay the same?


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build muscle at any age

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