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There are people you will meet who actually have the potential to be poisonous to your life. Sometimes we let them wheedle their way in and get under our skin. And sometimes it can be hard to get rid of them. But clearing your life as much as possible of negativity is an important thing to do to try to create the success you want, the Body you want and the Life you want.

Many of us are good enough at sabotaging ourselves. ?We don’t need outside help.

Years ago, there was an incredible classic movie called ALL ABOUT EVE that starred Bette Davis — an amazing movie about an actress who takes an awkward groupie under her wing only to have the young girl actually try to steal her career, her man and her life. Few people know, and it’s hard to believe, that this movie of back stabbing and betrayal was actually based on a True Life story that happened to an English actress named Elizabeth Bergner.

Who knows why people might be against you? We can always speculate. Maybe it’s insecurity. Maybe it’s jealousy. Maybe they might actually want to steal your life because they dislike their own so much. Who knows. There’s a virtually unlimited rainbow of reasons why someone might be against you and actually try to sabotage you, criticize you, try to take your man or woman or turn them against you like in the movie or undermine you in any way. ?But we can’t allow room for negative people in our lives. We have too much important business to take care of.

We have chosen a life with focus. To be and continue to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be and uplift others in that pursuit. And while a primary purpose for us is to help others, when we encounter poisonous people, we cannot let ourselves get caught up in guilt feelings or worries about protecting their feelings when we need to protect ourselves. We need to do what we can to clear the slate of people who are trying to drag us down — even if they are damaged and may not even be aware of their cruel intentions.

We have all heard it said that Karma is powerful and this is important to remember how true this is. As long as we walk right and stay true to ourselves, the Universe will handle the rest and we probably really don’t have to do very much. Job one — just like in the gym — keep my eyes on myself and my focus in my own workstation and just take care of business. And we can let the Universe handle the rest. Mary Anne Williamson used a wonderful chant/prayer in her first book “A RETURN TO LOVE: Reflections on A Course in Miracles” where she repeated over and over to rid herself of a resentment she against a man who had seemingly wronged her: “I forgive you Mike (or insert the name you need here), and I release you to the Holy Spirit.” Or in even more secular terms we could just repeat out loud “I release you to the positive energy of the Universe.” Ultimately, this is more powerful than attacking the person, screaming at them something like “Get the hell out of my life” or “Go get your own husband!” Instead, we can just let them lose their importance. Not respond. Wish them well. And let them Universe do the work.

But that does not mean we have to respond.

Who is the person with the real problem here? It’s not them. It’s us. Unless we’re talking about “FATAL ATTRACTION” where someone’s boiling our rabbit or throwing acid on our car (which can happen) the real offender here is ourselves. We are the ones who need to be free of the negative energy — yet by picking it up, we keep it going. This is the key to our freedom. Simple, yet it can be so hard when we let that person get under our skin.

It was the Buddha who said “I took the Poison and then I waited for you to Die” or in other words, when you harbor anger, you are the one it’s eating alive. The other person isn’t really effected at all. It’s your own stomach, your own energy, your own body that’s getting chewed up. But you can become free. You can break those energetic chains and throw them off. Set yourself free. Don’t engage — no matter how tempting it may seem. Read and re-read the “DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY” Chapter from “THE 4 AGREEMENTS” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Ultimately, we have the choice. And when we really energetically let go, that toxic person will get the message and most probably naturally leave and drift away on their own.



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