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FOOD IS FUEL: the Unexpected Key to Your Success!

Written by Luke Benoit

Luke Benoit is a certified life coach and certified personal trainer with over 30 years experience helping men just like you transform in all areas of their lives.

imageIf you’re going to get serious about this business of body transformation you are going to be confronted with the presence of food and the role that it plays in your life. The dreaded word “DIET” that has such negative connotations. ?If you are really serious you will discover that you need a FOOD OVERHAUL and a complete reconfiguration of your eating and food’s definition in your life. ?And the unexpected work that is essential for big Muscle Growth and the Body you want.

I’ve done this before but I am finding myself confronted with the experience again. Coming out of a long bulking period I am now working on a new Meal Plan that is more than challenging than any I have ever done before. ?Whatever it takes to get to the next level.

You have probably heard it said many times before that diet and strict adherence to it is 80-90% of the battle. ?You will definitely hear this frequently from guys who have shredded abs. They tend to swear by eating clean (unless their so young that they don’t have to think about food yet). ?But sticking to a meal plan for success can almost become a career of its own when coupled with a rigorous workout program. We’re all familiar with the concept that to create success you are supposed to eat 6-8 meals a day in order to keep the furnace of your body constantly burning. ?Putting that into practice is no easy trick when the rubber meets the road.

The role of food in your life needs to completely change. Food must cease being the social entertainment and distraction that it used to be in your old life. That question “what are we going to have for dinner” or “what restaurant are we going to go to” virtually drops away and the purpose and role of food simply changes. Food becomes FUEL. You consume it to succeed. This involves work. Coordination. Planning. Timing. Discipline. And it’s not for the faint of heart.

When my partner, who is doing a new program with me, experienced the almost total drop of sugar from his diet, he ended up with a splitting heading almost wandering around the gym confused and not knowing what he was doing. And you will find yourself needing to eat during times you would normally be doing other things like working and living!

The key to all this is planning and coordination so that all of this becomes incorporated into your normal routine. And you can begin to execute the plan like clockwork and without thinking about it.

Who would have thought that all this would have been involved with getting huge? Usually, we knew it would be work and we knew it would be physical work but we weren’t anticipating this kind of work as well.

There are tools that can make this process easier and facilitate your achieving success with eating. Just reducing the stress that comes up around Meal Plan can make a huge difference in achieving your goals. How you think and feel about this process can make all the difference and the tools we use at are tailored to create success with this piece of your plan. Tapping, Hypnosis and NLP can help with attitudes, especially cravings and even the challenging of eating the ton more food than you’re used to that’s necessary if you really want to get big.

One more time, it’s about how badly you want it and how far you’re willing to go to get it. You need all your “planets aligned” in the endeavor of trying to get huge and gain muscle in order to succeed. Take advantage of the tools. Use and learn them, even if it’s not with us. We can even direct you to resources you can use to do some work with these tools on your own.

Good luck and good eating!



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