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“And when Success is here, will I be able to Recognize it…?”

Written by Luke Benoit

Luke Benoit is a certified life coach and certified personal trainer with over 30 years experience helping men just like you transform in all areas of their lives.

imageSpecial thanks to Roger Esperon, Wes Paugh and Chris Ranno.


Last Saturday, ?all on the same day, three people walked up to me and said “Wow!. ?You are a real muscleman.” Very strange because those are the exact words that I use in the hypnosis program I use and the ones that I use for my clients.

And yesterday in the airport when the agent was checking my ticket and ID, the guy said to me “Hey man. Are you a bodybuilder?” ?Then when I was getting on the shuttle for the rental car, the guy who helped me with bags told how huge I was and how great he thought I looked.


Something must be working.


But on my own, I still don’t see myself that way. Even though I deeply want to. It’s great to hear the people talk that way but it also seems a little bit unreal. And I wonder what will it take for me to see myself that way and when will I reach that point if I ever actually will.

For so many of us are perceptions of our body and the actual state of our bodies don’t match. In the extreme, we call that body dysmorphia but we’re not talking about it to that level of severity here.


imageBut wouldn’t it be nice to be able to appreciate your body and see it the way others do — the way it really is? Not focusing on the flaws which are much more mental perception than Reality.


To focus on the success points that are sometimes very successful yet minimized in our own eyes.


On the flip side, there are guys with excellent bodies who actually resist feeling good about their bodies and letting go of self-criticism because they find motivation in their dissatisfaction with themselves. Even though this dynamic of perception is something I have helped many guys successfully shift, I have met lots of guys who actually rejected the idea of being able to feel good about their bodies for fear that they would lose their edge if they did.



They say that their dissatisfaction with their bodies is the source of the drive that keeps them going and gets them their results.

Maybe what causes pain for one man motivates another? Whatever works is what works and there doesn’t have to be just one way. It’s important to honor your own path.

Is there something about your approach or what you’re doing that’s causing you pain? Is there something you wish you could feel different about like the gym, the eating or your meal plan or your general attitude about your body? We have the tools to help you feel differently.



We can help you reach your goals and transform those thoughts on the way to transforming your body. Do you want to stop rejecting yourself and learn how to approve of yourself instead? Become your own champion.

We can help you find the pieces that work to create the confidence and motivation you want instead. The ones that are right for you and the ones that will make the difference.



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