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AGE is just a number or is it?

Written by Luke Benoit

Luke Benoit is a certified life coach and certified personal trainer with over 30 years experience helping men just like you transform in all areas of their lives.

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A young guy approached me this week and said this to me. I cocked an eyebrow knowing that this isn’t really true and that age is a complicated issue. But it did get me thinking.

One of the greatest benefits for me since working out — and even more recently since becoming involved with #LetsGetHUGE — has been my experience and changing attitudes about my age. I am 47. I really never anticipated this. It wasn’t something I was particularly looking for. But it has been wonderful. I have never felt so hot or relevant.

It’s almost like there’s some Fountain of Youth effect going on here in the group that San Antonio Personal Trainer Kevin Crapse has created in the #LetsGetHUGE group which includes a gathering of definitely older men who look great, who are in amazing shape, who are working on their bodies and who seem to be virtually turning back the clock.

A redefinition is going on. Forget about Orange is the New Black. OLD IS THE NEW YOUNG. And in this wonderful circle, being older and succeeding with your goals is celebrated and recognized. At 47 for me and 52 for my partner and 57 and up for other friends we have in the group, it’s almost like more than turning back, the clock is moving forward but making us stronger and better. Everyone here is celebrated and relevant for where they’re at and not measure up to one unrealistic ago or ideal. The emphasis is on support above everything else.

We say it often here. It’s about Progress not Perfection.

I can say wholeheartedly that transforming my body and being apart of #LetsGetHUGE have really transformed my ideas about being older. The new plan is to be built and hot into my 70’s and the examples in the group are showing me that it’s possible.

If you want it and you use your MIND and you do the work, it is possible. They are showing it to us.

Maybe it’s really true that age really is just a number.

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