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Why is it so important to CREATE YOUR VISION?

Written by Luke Benoit

Luke Benoit is a certified life coach and certified personal trainer with over 30 years experience helping men just like you transform in all areas of their lives.

imageWhat we see depends mainly on what we look for.

We don’t realize it be we are both the eye that’s seeing the picture and the projector that’s creating the picture at the same time. With the Power of our minds, we are creating our reality as we go. And what I see actually creates more of what I see.

That’s why it’s so important that I do the work of changing my perception of myself.

I need to make a decision about what I see even before I see it. And I need to change my attitudes if I want to create the Body I want. If I want to create the Life I want.

I didn’t expect that my life would change and my body would change after I did my photo shoot with Ace Bannon. But it turned out to be a truly transformational experience. When I saw myself in the pictures, as we reviewed them on the computer, even while the shoot was still going on. I virtually felt myself change as I saw the pictures. It registered with me in that moment that this is what I actually looked like. That I had changed. That my body had actually changed.

That the Visualization process I started over two years before had actually come to pass not only because of all the hard work I had put in in the gym and with the trainers but because I had consistently worked to Pre-See the results long before they started showing up.

These tools work. They really do.


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Luke Benoit CC CPH
Dave Ace Bannon, Physique Photographer

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