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“It’s all about dialing the right routine for you and your goals…” -Coach Luke

1. Find a spot you can use every week or every time you take progress photos.

You want to duplicate the conditions for the photos so that every week all the elements will be the same and we can focus on your body as it changes and progresses.

2. Choose a good background.

I think it’s best to choose a background that’s very dark so that the body will show up without any distractions.

3. Choose the best lighting source.

Generally, you want to select only lighting sources that are in front of you.  Eliminate all light sources that are behind you or on your sides because distort the purpose of what we’re going for.

4. Figure out the details to get the most out of configuring your camera.

If you are using an iPhone or similar device I suggest setting the camera to flip around so you can see your image on the front of the camera as you are posing. This can help you adjust your posture and duplicate the pose you hit last time.   And of course, use the timer and familiarize yourself with the timer settings if you haven’t already.

5. Take some sample shots and look for: Did you get your full body?

6. Make sure your height of the camera is set at an appropriate flattering height so you will look good.

Too low will give us a distorted picture that will be unflattering.  There is a trick to this that will depend on what is available at the locations where you choose to take your photos.  And you will have to Don’t be devastated if what you’re seeing is not perfect right away.  Remember that this day is just one step of progress in your journey to get you to your goal body.   We are just engaged in the use of a tool.  Nuts and bolts.  As simple as that.

7. Pick the same “outfit”

— a pair of shorts, a Speedo, or a pair of underwear that will suitably make sure that we can see the details of the body as they happen.   Be sure that you like these because you are going to use them every week as part of eliminating variability in the pictures to help keep us focused on your body.

Every week we will take 4 photos.  Front-Back-Left side and Right side.  We will be comparing the photos from this week side by side with the photos from the previous week so that we can see the progress that’s happening. This will allow us to make changes to your routine and program as necessary.

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There's a wealth of information out there, and it can be hard to make sense of it. Luke helped me navigate this universe, and he shared a lot of advice that was grounded in his research and experience. The fog of confusion was lifted!

Andrew Clifford

Through the process i was able to get the tools and the motivation to give me that extra push i needed in the gym, life, and work. I worked past the negatives that were blocking me from my goals and I am still moving forward and continuing to get stronger and clearer.

Edwardo Antonio


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