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Changing Your Inner Game: “Stop Wrestling with Your Demons!”

Written by Luke Benoit

Luke Benoit is a certified life coach and certified personal trainer with over 30 years experience helping men just like you transform in all areas of their lives.

imageSo often what’s blocking us and what we think is the Problem turns out to not really be “the problem.” And what appears to be what’s holding us back turns out to be more of a symptom instead of the cause that we thought it was.

imageThere are circumstances in our lives that we don’t like…BODY. MONEY. RELATIONSHIPS. We’re not big enough or we’re too fat. Or we’re too skinny or we can’t find love the way want. So often we can end up feeling unlucky, stuck or even hopeless about the changes we want to make and the things we want to see happen in our lives that just aren’t coming to pass.

imageimageOur knee jerk reaction is to look at what’s wrong with the world and the people around us who aren’t giving us the things we want and blame them. Or worse, we can end up blaming ourselves and feeling doomed thinking that something’s wrong with us or for some reason we just don’t deserve good things or it feels like we’re living under a curse. But these things simply aren’t true. And the Truth about what’s going on with us is actually a lot simpler than that.

Maybe Life doesn’t have to be such a struggle after all.

imageThe Law of Attraction teaches us that what we are getting in our lives — the Results — are an exact vibrational match for what’s going on inside of us. That we are like Magnets drawing to us the experiences that our programming has dictated and prepared us for although we may be largely unaware. After a certain point, some of us even grasp this and become aware of it but still find ourselves living out these same programs in repeats of the same problems and parallel relationships even though we know we should be doing better. And we deserve better!
Too often we try to fix the symptom without addressing the real causes going on diets, setting up workout regimens, creating goals and action plans to recreate our lives. Maybe Living on and Scruff. Maybe without looking at what’s really going on underneath. And as a result, we may be able to create change and movement but not permanent change with lasting results. The only change that lasts and sticks addresses the primary factors underneath. Otherwise we get relapse or at best temporary change that may give us glimpses of the life we want but glimpses that don’t stay.

Only when I can come to believe and feel that I deserve the results I so deeply desire will I be able to keep the changes I am able to create in ways that will stay.

That’s why so many people say diets don’t work and so many people don’t keep New Year’s Resolutions. We can make plans and get to work but most of the time we don’t address root causes. But we can learn to do this. We can learn to make this change.

And we can learn to get the lasting results we want.
What we really need to do is change our internal programming and the patterns we’re repeating. Sometimes that can seem so obvious but impossible at the same time. We can even see the changes we want so vividly yet also see ourselves living out those patterns again and again, getting off to a great start with a new strategy for money or love or the body we want only to get so close to success only to have the shoe drop at the last minute and our success sidetracked and undermined.
We can learn and accept that we need to change our internal patterns and vibration instead of only focusing on the impossibility of the results we want or our seeming bad luck. We can accept that we are the generators sending out the signal that magnetized what comes to us. And we can accept that even though bad things will come to us they may be delivering lessons that will enrich and make us stronger.

This is the work we do at Sometimes people think that we are personal trainers. But what we do is so much more.

If this resonates with you and makes sense and you’re ready to rip out — by the roots — the patterns and old beliefs that aren’t working for you and holding you back, call us for a free consultation today.

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